The Perennial Farming Initiative is a 501.c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to combating climate change from a culinary perspective. PFI’s overarching goal is to foster and support progressive agriculture, meaning food production that is not only environmentally responsible, but also equitable and productive. In addition to minimizing the negative environmental impacts associated with farming and ranching, we also work to actively sequester greenhouse gas emissions by promoting perennial agriculture and forestalling deforestation.

Projects include the creation of a chef and consumer facing guide for soil health on farms, an event series that takes a hands on approach to farm tours, a compost drive to support carbon ranching in Marin County, facilitating the cultivation and consumption of regenerative grains in the Bay Area, and building and maintaining an aquaponic greenhouse in West Oakland. Together with its sister organization, The Perennial restaurant, PFI believes that food is our best resource in the fight against climate change.