Donate to help create the Healthy soil guide

The Perennial Farming Initiative is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization that accepts donations as a way to directly implement change in farming practices. Our carbon farming initiative allows you to buy compost which will help jumpstart the soil biology of grazing land and unlock its potential for accelerated carbon sequestration. Donations towards the carbon farming initiative will be aggregated until an appropriate volume of compost can be purchased and applied to one of our partner ranches, such as Stemple Creek Ranch, in accordance with the Carbon Farming Protocol developed by The Marin Carbon Project.

A donation of $40 is enough to purchase a cubic yard of compost and donating $2500 will earn a family style dinner for 16-20 people in The Perennial's bar area AND compost an acre of rangeland.

Donate to spread carbon farming with one cubic yard of compost
Donate to Make Eating An Agricultural Act
Donate to support Regenerative grains
Donate to Adopt a Sturgeon

PFI engages diners with the message that eating is an agricultural act. learning about and enjoying food produced by progressive farmers is a way of creating real change in the field. Donate $350 and receive a quarter of a lamb raised on a carbon farm and 2 spots in a butchery class (8 total spots). Donate $250 and receive a seat at The Chef's Table and an 8-course tasting menu at The Perennial (2- 5 seats available).

PFI is raising funds to help establish a local grains hub in the Bay Area. We are trying to fund the purchase of a Dehuller for Kernza, spelt and other grains. Donate $20 and receive 3 cups of flour, from freshly milled Kernza, a perennial grain developed by The Land Institute. Donate $200 and get 2 spots in a bread making class and a loaf of bread made from Kernza (8 total spots).

PFI operates an aquaponic greenhouse in West Oakland. Adopt a sturgeon with a donation of $100 and support intensive, closed loop urban agriculture. Your donation earns a tour of our greenhouse starting in 2017 and a reservation for one of our fish harvest dinners (starting in 2018).